In 4 Weeks: 
Learn Step-By-Step How To Create Your Own Online T-Shirt Store That Earns At Least $5,000/Month From Scratch! 
How To Let The Humble T-Shirt Start Transforming Your Life In LESS Than 2 HOURS! 
There are THREE things you need to know about T-shirts. 
The first is that they never go out of style, so you’re going to have a business that’s set for life. The second is that their earning potential is HUGE. The third is that you can create your own successful T-shirt business without any printing equipment, products, or creative practice. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. 
Hi, I’m Mike Nelson, and just like you may have been right up until this second…
I had never even considered starting my own online T-shirt business before. It’s not the most conventional route, and I discovered it by chance. But, conventional or not, creating my own T-shirt business changed my life. I went from your stereotypical 9-5 HATER to a business owner who, to date, has sold 50,000 t-shirts online and generated $1.2 million in sales. 
What would you do with that kind of extra income?
  • Travel the world  
  • ​Secure a happy retirement 
  • ​Buy your dream car
  • ​Pay off your mortgage/debts
  • ​Cover College fees 
  • ​Build more businesses 
  • ​Take the weight off your shoulders 
It’s ALL possible. 
In my best month, I generated $400,000 alone
In that time, I learned how to run a T-shirt business the right, most profitable, and hands-free way possible. For a couple of years now, I’ve been teaching my students how to start their T-shirt businesses from scratch and bag their first sale in just 2 hours in the original 4-Week T-Shirt Bootcamp. 
Take A Look At The Success My Students Are Experiencing: 
"This is the best investment I've made so far"
- Mariana Mbemba
"I've been able to generate 75+ sales"
- Myrriah Torres
"I learned not about business but about the T-Shirt Business"
- Hannah W Crabtree
"I was just blown away with Mike and his training" 
- Cassendra Cadeau
"I found VERY clear instructions, I'm really glad I invested!"
- Kimberly Cousins
"It has changed my perspective on marketing my T-Shirts"
- Jenario
Off of the back of those incredible results, something that’s going to benefit you, even more, was born:
The new and improved program is designed to streamline AND supercharge your success on a whole new upgrade scale! 
The goal of the program is to help you create an additional $1,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month in revenue and income so that you can drop out of your nine to five, no matter where you're starting from today. You can study entirely at your own pace. 

The platform is 100% online and all video based, so you can access the Bootcamp whenever you need to, and for LIFE. 

Week #1: Building Your Foundation (Your Store) 

The first week is all about laying down the groundwork to build yourself a seriously profitable online T-Shirt business. 
  • Master The Ability To Create A Profitable Brand: Learn how to create a profitable brand that people don’t just love, but are willing to dive deep into their pockets to pay for. 
  • Using Your Competition For Self-Gain: Competition isn’t all bad, especially when you can use their ideas, from their hard earned work for your benefit. By changing your view of your competition you can shortcut your own path to success. 
  • Implement The “Perfect Niche Formula”: Leverage a proven system to find highly lucrative niches to target your T-Shirts around, opening up a flood of easy sales. 
  • Dialing In On The Perfect T-Shirt Designs: Now you’ve got your niche, you’re going to need a T-Shirt to match! Discover a simple way to find out the kind of designs people want to buy in BULK.
  • ​How To Build A Store That’s Guaranteed To Succeed Discover if your store idea will fly, or flop in the real world so you don’t waste time, money, and energy on something that doesn’t work (and never will.) This will help eliminate your risk of failure, and loss tenfold. 

Week #2: Discovering Winning Designs For Your Store 

Here we take a deep-dive into all things design. You’ll discover that you don’t need a creative bone in your body, or a crazy budget to be the next T-Shirt Picasso! 
  • How To “Out-Do” Your Competitor’s Designs (And Sales): Looking at other people’s designs, and sales figures can reveal a lot. In this module, you’ll see how you can use those designs to springboard your way to success, by creating a better version. 
  • A Complete Breakdown Of Copyright And Trademarks: It’s the less exciting part of any T-Shirt business, but one of the most important. You need to know how to stop people from stealing your design ideas, and keeping the lion’s share of customers to your self. 
  • Getting Designs Made For Free: Some people pay hundreds, if not thousands for T-Shirt designs, but the way I see it.. Why do that when you can get them done for FREE, and still make an equal fortune? If you follow my system, you’re ROI will go through the roof. 
  • ​Hiring The Best T-Shirt Designers: Access my personalized, proven template for finding the best of the best T-Shirt designers out there, and getting them to work for you.
  • ​Coming Up With Design Ideas If You Aren’t Creative: A huge myth about an online T-Shirt business is that you have to be super creative, artistic, and talented. The truth is you don’t, not even a little bit. All you need is a few tips, and tricks of the T-Shirt trade and you are all set. 
  • The Ultimate Hack To Get Your T-Shirts Selling Like Hot Cakes: So secret, and so successful, I can’t even share it in public. Just know, it’s a small piece of marketing mastery, that makes all the difference. 

Week #3: Launching Your Online Store

In week 3 you'll roll up your sleeves and get to work on the actual online store. In under 2 hours you'll have a full fledged webiste ready to receive your first orders.
  • Setting Up A Successful Store In Sub Two Hours: See step-by-step how to set up a functional, professional-looking online store that’s able to host your shirts, take payments, and connect to the print on demand company in the time it takes to watch a movie. 
  • The Ultimate “Store Success” Crystal Ball: Discover how to find out if your store will be profitable before doing any work. Plus, how to get sales rolling in before you tell any of your friends, or family about your new business venture.  
  • ​My Top 3 POD Companies To Use: Tap into my years of experience in the T-Shirt business, and ensure you know you’re dealing with high-quality, credible companies. Then, get access to my special, exclusive discounts to save money utilizing them. 

Week #4 Marketing Your Store 

Get customers begging for your t-shirts from all over the digital landscape by leveraging my whole library of Marketing Mastery. 
  • 7-Figure Marketing Masterclass: Learn, and replicate the marketing techniques 7-figure companies use to constantly have sales ticking over like clockwork. 
  • ​Leveraging Instagram For Profit: Discover how to get Instagram Influencers with a large, diverse following to wear, and promote your T-Shirts. An “Instagram Income Stream” is a must for anyone who wants to run a highly successful online T-Shirt business. 
  • Pulling Back The Curtain On My Most Profitable Method: I’ll walk you through the marketing method I used to generate $400K in just one month, and over a million in sales in my store's lifetime. No stone will be left unturned because I am ready to tell you ALL. 
  • The Simple Trick To Get People Begging To Buy Your T-Shirts: You won’t believe how easy, but totally effective this one marketing technique is. It is proven to work, time and time again, so you can count on it to make your store soar. 

Plus For A Short Time Only, You Can Get These Incredible Bonuses On Top Too: 

Become Part Of The Bootcamp Community ($Priceless!) 
The huge benefit of joining my 4-Week Bootcamp 2.0 is there’s already an existing community of people who have already completed the program ready and waiting to support you every step of the way. 
$100,000.00 T-shirt Design Vault ($997 Value)
To take away all of the worry about releasing a design that flops, I’m going to give you my $100,000.00 T-shirt design vault. You’ll get access and rights to all the T-shirts I’ve sold over the years that have made me over 6-figures all in one place. 
The Process Management Roadmap ($597 Value)
Congratulations - You’ve found your “what’s next!” 
As much as it’s important to focus on the here and now, there’s also a lot to be said for planning for the future too! 

My process management roadmap will be by your side every step of the way. It’s going to tell you exactly where you are, and how to get to where you want to go.
1,000 Profitable Proven T-shirt Niches ($497 Value) 
To make sure you know which niche is going to be profitable, I’m also going to include my Niche Profitability Cheat Sheet. 

It’s an entire list of niches that have proven to be a success with selling T-shirts that you can leverage as much or as little as you want! 
Facebook Ads Lab Training Class ($997 Value) 
Once you’ve set up your T-shirt business, you’re going to need somewhere to sell them! 

My Facebook Ads Lab Training Class is an entire step by step video that shows you how to run Facebook ads and sell your T-shirt to people all over the world. Seeing as Facebook is one of the most important audiences for any T-shirt store owner - this is crucial to nail! 
Copyright And Trademark Masterclass ($197 Value) 
Learn from a real life copyrighting, trademarking Attorney step by step how you can copyright and protect your designs so you never lose a dime in your new business. 

Everything Available To You Is Worth $7,279.00

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The truth is, if you asked my 4,000 strong student base if looking back, they’d pay that amount of money for the Bootcamp - they’d all probably say yes for one simple reason…
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Although the total value of everything on offer to you today is $7, 279.00, I usually sell the Bootcamp for $994.00. HOWEVER, today, for you, I’m prepared to cut that price in TWO and give you 50% off! That means for just $497, you’ll get access to all of this: 
  •  4-week T-shirt Bootcamp Version 2.0 ($1,997 Value)
  • ​Access To The Bootcamp Community ($Priceless)
  • ​100 K T-shirt Design Vault Which Is A ($997 Value)
  • ​The Process Management Roadmap ($597 Value)
  • ​1,000 Profitable Proven T-shirt Niches ($497 Value) 
  • ​Facebook Ads Lab Training Class ($997 Value) 
  • ​Copyright And Trademark Masterclass ($197 Value) 
You can either pay the amount in FULL or split your payments in 3 to $197 every 30 days. 
But Wait! 👀 There's More...
Get 100 Sales & Get Your Money Back! 
If you go through the program, watch the content, and take action, you should be able to sell 100 shirts within 45 days, even from scratch. Once you hit your first 100 sales, simply reach out to us with proof of your results, record a quick video, and two things will happen. 

1. You’ll become the newest, proud member of our “100 Sale Club.” 
2. You’ll get a FULL refund 

Imagine, what 100 sales could do for you and your life. Ready to get started on your way to success?